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The 1900 Champagne Cork Stopper Patio Table™ - $243.00


"come quickly, I am tasting the stars!"
Dom Perignon

Solid Cork. More than 1900 stoppers are needed to create each table. That’s about 42 pounds of cork, representing more than $47,000 worth of the bubbly stuff to make each table. (We conclude that people like to drink and feel the fizz of Champagne. We respect that.)

Just like our Wine Champagne Bistro Stools™ and just as awesome.

The glass top is ½” thick and 23” in diameter, allowing you to see the cork below. Like all of our furniture, it is made entirely of corks from bottles of wine consumed in the U.S., and is made in Chicago.

Giving back-
To do our part to help the Mediterranean cork forests stay strong, keep their inhabitants healthy and support their full biodiversity, we donate 10% of the price of each stool purchased to the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the size and weight of each table?
A: 14” diameter and 27¼ high. Each table weigh 56 lbs.

Q: Where are these made?
A: At our family-owned business just outside Chicago, Ill.

Q: Is the table top glued to the cork?
A: No, The glass stays on strong using with a grippy rubber bumpers.
Q: Where do you get the corks?
A: From wine stores, restaurants, grocery stores and office buildings throughout the U.S. We collect and consolidate the corks, and truck them to Chicago. Corks don’t weigh much, but they sure take up a lot of space—thus, trucking is one of our biggest costs in producing these unique stools.

Q: How do you make the tables?
A: With thousands of individual champagne corks, some structural cork for the top and bottom, a bit of glue, and 100 tons of pressure.

Q: Will it float in water? Can it be left outside in the elements?
A: It can float, but I’ve been told that glass tables, like cats, don’t like to swim. Floating your table is not recommended. However, it can be left outside and withstands the elements beautifully. They won't mold either.

Q: Can I use one as a serving table or a plant stand?
A: Yes, again, on both counts. Use yours any way you like—you may discover a use that even we don’t know about yet. If you do, tell us about it on our Facebook page.Better yet, post a photo. We like pictures.
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